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Monograph is a Danish brand providing creative thinkers and everyday entrepreneurs with office essentials and stylish stationery. Based on
Scandinavian design aesthetic, Monograph creates quality items that add style, comfort and personality to your home and office. Our approach
to design is simple. We want to improve your everyday life and design items that, besides looking the part, also fulfill a functional need.

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Time for creativity

To release your thoughts and let the creativity flow might be the best way to relax.

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New season // SS20

This season, we have created a new selection of tools and redesigned some classics, creating a retro feeling from the colours to the function.


Games for any occasion

Get a break from the digital word and go offline for a while with cosy and funny games.


3 fun games for your travel

Regardless of destination, nothing is cosier than playing – it brings us closer together. At Monograph, we therefore present three small games in our AW19-collection which you can bring everywhere. See the stylish designs and learn more about the different games right here.


Read our latest inspiring editorials

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Office accesories

No office is complete without certain tools. Essential tools that are both functional and stylish, that look good in your office while also getting the job done in style. Monograph offers a wide range of office accessories to help organise, structure and inspire on a daily basis.


Gift wrapping

Hand away a beautifully wrapped gift using gift wrapping from Monograph. Regardless of whether your gift is meant to please the hostess or a birthday child, nothing feels a wonderful as handing away a beautiful gift which evokes excitement in the receiver – especially when you manage to show the receiver of the gift that you have put love and effort into their gift.


Travel accessories

Spoil yourself and your home with beautiful leather accessories. The gorgeous leather accessories from Monograph express style and provide your everyday life with just a bit more exclusivity.