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3 modules – endless possibilities

A sofa is the key item in any living room, and with our modular sofa, there are numerous possibilities of creating settings that are perfectly suited to fit your needs. Based on three versatile modules, we’ve rounded up different ways to style your living room and combine the modules.

It’s all in the details

The style is both timeless, yet modern and traditional, yet full of beautiful details. Use simple elements to create a flexible setting, and include decorative items like coffee table books and art pieces. Not only do they soften up the simplistic setting, they also add a personal touch to the décor.

Mix rich materials and textures like velvet and leather, but keep the colours tone-in-tone to make sure there is a connecting thread throughout the entire setting.

Use flexible seating options that can be moved around as needed for different occasions.

Casual boheme

If you’re going for a boheme look, don’t be afraid to make it personal. Mix and match without overthinking it. It’s meant to be casual. Use the modules as chairs to create separate seating arrangements for a simple and relaxed look, and integrate wicker and textiles in light colours and white accents for a calm, yet warm Nordic look.

Draw inspiration from cultures and their aesthetics – like Nordic minimalism, beautiful African craft and Japanese simplicity – and integrate subtle, personal elements of this into the décor. 

Find inspiration when travelling, in memories and personal interests.

Classic with a creative twist

Design a large sofa setting and use some of the modules as spacers and storage for magazines or as coffee tables. Bring depth to the setting by pulling the modules away from the wall.

It creates a light and airy setting, and the space behind the modules can be used to give the setting a sculptural expression by adding green plants, art pieces and storage furniture with stylish décor items.

Think outside the box and try unexpected and new ways to combine the modules.